14:00 – 15:30 GMT+7

27.10.20 // Architecture & Movement // Eko Prawoto
Platform ZOOM Webinar

           The relationship between man, nature, and personal spirituality is a highlight that has been done by this man named Agus Eko Prawoto. For him, getting closer to the community can gain knowledge of small things that have been forgotten or considered not important. Indonesia’s many and undocumented cultures, evoking themselves to preserve these cultures, to be relegated.

           As an architect, He wanted to continue to contribute to the environment, according to the Javanese proverb “memayu hawaning bawana” which means beautifying the already beautiful earth, not damaging it. His principles in designing are based on his works that relate to the beauty of the building and the natural life of the surroundings. At this talk, Eko Prawoto will talk about how to create movement in architecture with its principles.

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