14:30 – 16:00 GMT+7

30.10.20 // Shaping // Afwina Kamal
Platform ZOOM Webinar

           Before choosing a career in Indonesia, She takes a Master’s Degree in America, bringing together the shape of buildings in America with elements of modernity. Eventually, fate brought her way together, working as an architect with Macon-Chaintreuil, Jensen, and Stark (MCJS) until finally founded Hadiprana.

           In the course of her career, She became the only female principal architect and had a career of approximately twenty years in Hadiprana, Afwina Kamal learned a lot and followed her design principles; nationalism in design, how the architecture of the building can appear in many styles as well as give the Indonesian cultural element in it as the soul in the building. In these talks, she will talk more about materiality in our design process (with more into contextual, user and historical approach).