Andrew Tirta

           His various experiences in architecture abroad to establish ILAATAJ which stands for Inter-Linkages of Aptitudes Towards Arrays of Architectural Juxtapositions, which means a combination of various expertise in the field of architecture.

           Andrew Tirta’s various architectural significance and views led him to become an architect as well as a part-time lecturer, tutor, and critic at the Architectural Association, Royal College of Arts, and Pelita Harapan University. As a moderator in Anabata Talk(s) e-Series 3.1 will guide the program with its warmth in the architecture.


Wendy Djuhara

           An architect, mother, and lecturer who co-founded djuhara+djuhara since 2004, her love of architecture considered a male profession, giving her more power in dividing her role in family and work. For her, being a female architect should have more resilience, because a profession that needs this totality should share it as a mother as well. 

           Her enthusiasm in her profession, bringing her profession as part of her. This is based on her thoughts of architecture and a woman, whose profession is usually always sliced as a profession owned by men. 


Agatha Carolina

           Her interest in architecture, art, and fashion from childhood was in the background by her father who often invited her to exhibitions of building materials and houses, as well as finding comfort in designs she found interesting. Founding Bitte Design Studio since 2012 and briefly taking master’s Interior and Spatial Design gives her a new perspective on his love of architecture.

           Agatha Carolina as moderator of Anabata Talk(s) e-Series 3.5 programs will host the event with the warmth of a woman and architect from Bitte Design Studio.